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It’s only our self-interest that determines how we behave, conservative or liberal. We do not have any hardcore ideologies; we do not know the meaning of these ideologies: Both terms may be highly subjective but still have their definitions

This is not our topic by the way…..

A female when feel mistreated by her family (husband, father, brother, Etc.) may act as a liberal and seek the help of others to avenge her family. So what does that mean, she became liberal…?  On the other hand, the similar woman when mistreated by some outsider would seek the help of her family (husband, father, brother, Etc.) Amazingly! Now she turned into Conservative…Isn’t? Actually, she needs only justice or her self-defined justice, her self interest. Here, I am not talking about whether she is right or wrong in her demands.

The same logic of self-interest works with males, they want a liberal society but a conservative family. Most males will not miss a chance to gaze or chase females at the workplace or in markets, but when it comes to one’s family nobody would like it; because that’s against their self-interest.

Most feminists think the women are weak and they never get justice in a male dominating society. The reality is that a society which lacks rule of law nobody gets justice whether male or female. In this scenario, every faction of society would think that it is being beleaguered as a community. Actually, we are not harassed as a particular community but as a whole society due to lack of justice.


Hi, welcome to Pakistan. Here we have a complete administration of injustice. Here you will get equal opportunities of victimization irrespective of your age, gender, race, or religion. And if you are looking for an extravaganza, you need to be poor and weak. The poorer the better!

The people are wrong when they blame being victimized as a particular community like male/female, Shia/Sunni, Punjabi/Sindhi, Etc. But in fact, only the poor and weaker factions are victimized, and injustice is equally distributed among poor classes irrespective of gender, age, religion, or sect. It’s only for the poor’s (poor-male, poor-female, poor-Punjabi or poor-Sindhi, and so on; it’s not for feudal lords whether Punjabi or Sindhi.


Reality always lies between two extremes i.e. moderation. From this point both sections, the religious fundamentalists and liberal fascists are at error. The extreme narratives of both communities are only a reaction to each other’s philosophies. Only to denounce each other they hold extreme views. The religion always recommends moderation and the same was proposed by Aristotle in the theory of virtue-ethics, that real virtue lays in between two extremes. 


We often impose our attributions like liberal or conservative to virtuous people such as prophets and great leaders. In fact, virtue has nothing to do with liberalism or conservatism. For example, when our prophet (PBUH) commands us to stand against misdoers he seems like a conservative, but at the same time, Prophet (PBUH) recommends forming a single community (comprising Muslims, Jews, Christians)  in Medina, here his action looks like liberal. So what does that mean; he (PBUH) was a virtuous person acting on God’s command, he was not a liberal or conservative. The ‘’TRUTH’’ is not liberal or conservative.

Similarly, Mr. Jinnah founded Pakistan based on religion, it seems like an act of extreme conservatism, but he also held that Pakistan would never allow any religious discrimination and would foster equal rights for all minorities, now he sounds like a liberal. The point is that righteousness cannot be categorized as liberal or conservative.


We are vigilant when it comes to our rights but dormant in case of our duties or obligations.

Everyone will be hyperactive to own a sibling if he died leaving behind a certain wealth, but nobody will be present if he died under a debt ….

In short, a selfish would always say, wealth inheritance is my right and debt obligations are your duties.


Selfishness is not always negative, it becomes a virtue if it for good of others. For Example, if a person finds happiness in helping others; although he is selfish because he is doing this for his own happiness, but still it is ethical behavior. This type of selfishness (egoism) is always recommended by religion and is considered as a highly desired virtue.

I think I have written enough to confuse your views and my own. It would be better to stop writing unless there remains no distinction between liberalism and conservatism, and all the concepts become vague.

If you cannot understand what I have written, that’s not my fault, there are many flaws in our educational system. I will never blame myself for my bad sentence structure and writing style, AS I’M ALSO SELFISH…..

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There is an old saying ‘’ He that apes others will never be himself’’, in the native language, “KAWA CHALA HANS KI CHAAL APNI CHAAL BHI BHUL GYA.” I would later explain why I used this sub-title.

Let’s start with STRENGTHS; every country has a center of gravity like what we see in the case of brands as Core brand values. Pakistan is overwhelmingly an agricultural state where more than 60 % population still belongs to this sector.

A few months back chatting randomly with a relative-cum-friend MR. CHEEMA, I decided to write on this topic. Mr. CHEEMA is a govt servant and I can’t expose his full name as he is already transferred out of the station. He highlighted many areas in central and southern Punjab that have been left uncultivated due to Govt’s negligence.

It seems bizarre to invest heavily in other sectors like IT when our core STRENGTH (the agriculture sector) is not fully mature. Our agricultural output per acre is 1/3 of our neighboring country. A small effort in this area can bring far-reaching benefits.

Although we should invest in other fields including IT to cope with modern challenges but neglecting our strong areas would be counterproductive. Our neighbor India has a striking IT ranking worldwide, but it achieved such status once it had a fully matured Agricultural economy.

Conclusively, instead of copying others, we need to know our own identity and STRENGTH. There is already a stern identity crisis everywhere in the country. It is rightly said, He that apes others will never be himself’’.

Our borders are quite safe as our Army has a successful policy of maintaining minimum deterrence and zero-tolerance against intrusions (Abi Nandhan’s adventure is a recent example). Moreover, Pakistan Army ranks highest in terms of spirit and ideology like Iran and Isreal. However, spirit is not the only factor that counts to overall strength but still a highly desired virtue.

Our Relations with neighbors excluding China have never been ideal. Our deteriorating relations with Iran and Afghanistan are not merely due to our weakness rather India’s ever-increasing influence in the region. I mean to say an enemy’s STRENGTH is also a THREAT.

The biggest WEAKNESS lies in the whole socio-political system, our moral standards, and above all our unpremeditated slavery to capitalism. Moreover, the ruthless axis of evil (mafia) in the form of the feudal-military coalition along with a clergy blend impedes all possible moves towards a progressive society.

The same MAFIA is sabotaging Imran Khan’s efforts against corruption. Everyone knows who managed the escape of dishonest capitalists like Nawaz and Zardari. The demonstration of a military shoe by FAISAL WAVDA in a live TV show is enough to answer all these issues.

When it comes to OPPORTUNITIES we have CPEC on hand; also, there are ideal civil-military relations, unlike the past eras. If all goes well with CPEC we could control ever-escalating youth bulge: Youth bulge which is, of course, the biggest THREAT as well as an OPPORTUNITY. All we need is a better policy on how to manage and cope with this challenge.

It may sound weird but the wealth plundered jointly by capitalists and civil-mili bureaucracy would have been enough to combat youth bulge: or even used to structure a tribal paramilitary force resembling NLI or MUJAHID regiment. These steps were supposed to be taken a decade back but now after bearing grave losses, we are bringing them to the mainstream.

Meanwhile, if Russia could bring oil prices to an ultra-low range as it claims, then it may have positive implications for Pakistan and the rest of the world as it would reduce the world’s dependency over US-Arab oil. Best hopes for ongoing Putin-Trump oil negotiations.

Conclusion: we need radical steps towards nationalization particularly in the agriculture sector and education. It is necessary to limit the capitalist’s hegemony over resources so to make the state a tool in the hands of the proletariat (working class) for everyone’s interest rather than becoming a tool in the hands of Bourgeoisie (capitalists) to control the poor.

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Coronavirus (COVID 19) vs. Corruption & Capitalism

The Coronavirus (COVID 19) is far less lethal than corruption and capitalism.

Coronavirus (COVID 19) took more than 2600 lives in the past two months. With no doubt, it is a great and deadly Pandemic that has struck many nations. Although it takes only 5% of the lives of those who are affected but still dangerous as a large number of people are getting infected. Every nation needs immediate steps to counter this deadly disease.

Everything loses meaning until it is compared with other factors. The number of causalities as a consequence of Coronavirus (COVID 19) is far less than those caused by suicides, accidents, and crimes. Every crime has a direct or indirect relation with socio-economic factors. For example, a person driving a fast vehicle and facing an accident might be thinking about his future or economic issues.

A person committing suicide might be depressed due to the ongoing issues of unemployment. All other deaths and injuries are somehow associated with injustices. Coronavirus (COVID 19) is just a fad but injustice is like a culture. Even diseases like heart attack, cancer, Etc. are inertly linked to societal disparities; and each evil is actively or passively connected with economic injustices.

All societal tribulations like unemployment, corruption, and crimes emerge due to economic disparity caused by the capitalist mafia.  Although we need all necessary measures to cope with Coronavirus (COVID 19) but strategic measures are required to deal with injustices and malpractices of capitalists.  Putting the long story short the coronavirus is a petite Pandemic than the sluggish and cruel capitalist structure.

It is also a fact that both nations Iran and China have officially declared that the virus has been built and implanted by the US army. I don’t know now whether they have any proof against their claims but the situation seems a bit fishy. Coronavirus (COVID 19) may be a stratagem to fortify capitalism.

You may agree or not, I heard someone saying that coronavirus is like a God’s alarm to highlight the real devil which needs to be crushed – stoning at real fiend is a greater virtue than symbolic stoning. Moreover, helping humanity against COVID 19 and corrupt mafias is better than performing UMRAH or Hajj. That’s why God abandoned it…… 

Note: Performing Hajj or UMRAH with ill-gotten money (HARAM KA MALL) is separate issue.

Despite all progress, we saw a rise in pandemics, evils; hypocrisy, dishonesty, selfishness, and rage……… even the devils in holy city MAKKAH are getting taller gradually.

Written by: Ch Fakhar Gul

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I don’t know what the hell is wrong with our de facto and de jure leadership; it has been unable to realize a fact that even a primary student can grasp. What is the cause of crime and terrorism? – The answer is simple ‘’Poverty and ignorance.’’ And the corrupt elite which is responsible for keeping the society poor and ignorant is enjoying the perks and privileges, and is safeguarded by the ironic hands of the establishment (system), and is regarded as noble. While the poor’s, and those who speak against this undeclared tyranny, and those bitten by this malicious system, and the other victims of this historical military-feudal alliance, are declared as traitors.

Please don’t take me wrong. When I say military I mean its leadership which got allied with sluggish feudal elements. I never blame our brave soldiers fighting at borders to secure our geography. Are they securing geography which can only nurture a few capitalists…? Moreover, I Might have supported the military involvement in politics if it had established a true authoritarian set-up exterminating the hegemony of FEUDAL/CAPITALIST class; But instead of weakening the feudal elements our military got in cahoots with these corrupt FEUDAL / WADEERAS / CAPITALISTS. Their alliance gave rise to a new sort of political system that can be termed as neo-feudalism; Neo-feudalism comprised of traditional feudal lords, new capitalists along with civil and military bureaucracy. This is not enough; the clergy mindset adds more beauty to the ideological degeneration of our society.

It is evident from the history that every society passes through two different stages until it reaches to democracy. The first two stages are feudalism and authoritarian rule. Here the authoritarian rule is the most crucial one as it acts as a bridge between feudalism and democracy. A society gets rid of tyranny and hegemony of feudal class when the authoritarian rule is established by a strong ruler. It is the stage when national-level institutions evolve, economic imbalance reduces, and private influence of feudal lords and clergy diminishes. It is, in fact, the rule of institutions rather than the rule of feudal elements. But unfortunately this never happened in our society; we remained under the cruel clutches of aristocrats. The worst part is that the clerics kept us blind and never inspired to agitate against this aristocracy.

Unfortunately, we lost our two national-level leaders soon after independence, M Ali Jinnah and Liaqat Ali Khan. We left with no personality who can lead us with a countrywide approach; at this stage, the military played its natural role and took all the state affairs in its hand. It was time for the military to define the direction of the country. It was supposed to establish a pure authoritarian set-up exterminating the influence of clerical and feudal mindsets as both would harm the social dynamics of the country. Our society was not mature enough to conform to a parliamentary democratic system – But alas! Our military leadership in different eras got fooled by clergy and inspired by politicians and sometimes got inspired by clergy and fooled by politicians forgetting its real role i.e. the establishment of an authoritarian rule.

The economic disparity in any society is the major cause of all social evils. When a few corrupt people plunder most resources then the crime is the only option left for others. The corruption of few makes everyone morally weak; subjects become thieves, dacoits, liars, mean and dishonest. The worst of all, the corrupt elite which is responsible for ruining society is regarded as respectable and noble. Ridiculously, nobody feels honor sitting with a petty thief after he is accused of theft, but people feel honor inviting a corrupt aristocrat to their drawing room and sharing SELFIES around social media. This is the worst form of our moral degeneration and mental slavery.

How all that is linked to international terrorism? Firstly, any sort of crime including terrorism is, in fact, a direct and indirect form of class conflict; this class conflict may be deliberate or accidental. The proletarian class, poor and commoners join up to resist the dominance of the elite in this class conflict. Moreover, a society, nation or country which has a huge gap between the poor and rich is more vulnerable to be used by terrorist networks and their financers. The poor can be easily attracted and used by foreign enemies/agencies. This is how poverty makes them terrorists. In addition to this, the clergy mindset further enhances their ignorance creating a complete mixture of disaster. I think they (poor) should not be blamed; those who created this gap are the real culprits. When common citizens are denied justice what options they are left with….?

Although time travel is not achievable and we cannot go back in time to change the past but we can do reforms to improve our present. The ESTABLISHMENT should remain firm in its decisions backing the government to suppress the corrupt elements. Any sort of negligence at this stage would cause unbearable damages. It would be unjust to deny the serious efforts of government and establishment for the eradication of corruption in recent years. But this perception has been fading day by day when we observe corrupt capitalists fleeing the country one by one through undeclared deals and NROs. Surprisingly, when everyone was expecting exemplary punishments for the corrupt capitalists they are being given exclusive acquittals and bails. This seems to be a similar practice when massive accountability was promised in the past eras and then the whole process was sabotaged due to unknown reasons.

If similar sort of undeclared deals (MUKMUKKA or NRO) continues then there will be nothing left instead of hopelessness: direct, indirect, deliberate and accidental class conflict may aggravate. People can tolerate inflation but will not accept any type of relief in favor of corrupt FEUDAL / CAPITALISTS / WADERRAS. Moreover, if we cannot secure the future of masses then aristocrats will not be safe either. Nobody can live freely and securely unless we remove economic disparity. This is the message we learn from all Holy Scriptures. These scriptures advise us to establish a Government of God, the rule of law, equal resources and justice for all. Now it is up to us that we make our country heaven for all or just a casino for the RICH/CAPITALISTS.

No religion teaches us to get ruined and f***ed by capitalists in this world and demand justice/heaven in the hereafter. F***ed means fooled, not what you might be thinking.


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Socialism or Capitalism?

Socialism can be considered as the best strategy but nations often need capitalism as a tactic for enhancing the size of their economy to fulfill the needs and wants of a society. In this context, the ideal system of political economy is the Scandinavian economic model which is also termed as the Nordic model, where the ownership of all the factors of production is divided among three stakeholders, the labor unions, the state, and the capitalist. The Nordic model is, in fact, a blend of 70% socialism and 30% capitalism.

 Which is the best system of political economy? Socialism or capitalism! Certainly, it’s a hard nut to crack. The ideas of socialism revolve around the ownership of all the factors of production by state; and the state to devise a policy to ensure the equal distribution of economic wealth among the society. This thing sounds incredible, but what will you do if all the factors of production are unable to deliver a minimum standard of happy life even after the equal division of wealth? In short what measures would be required when the size of your economy is too small to fulfill the demands of entire population even after equal distribution of resources?

Here you need input from capitalism i.e. providing certain leverage to capitalists and making a relatively free market to ensure foreign investment. This technique will help the economy to grow by a large inflow of (FDI) foreign direct investment. Similar measures were adopted by Chinese premier Deng Xiaoping after the death of Mao Zedong, chairman of the communist party.

It is evident that the socialist revolutions specifically in China were unable to deliver results in favor of masses for a long time until Deng Xiaoping introduced the concept of a reformed socialist market economy in 1978. The poverty of the Chinese population was dropped from 88% in 1981 to 6% in 2017. The reforms opened the country to foreign investment and lowered various trade barriers and tariffs.

According to my analysis, the best system of political economy is a Nordic model that refers to the economic and social policies, as well as common cultural aspects of Scandinavian countries such as Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, and Finland. This model includes support for a Universalist welfare state aimed specifically at enhancing individual autonomy and promoting social mobility; a sort of corporatist system involving a tripartite arrangement where labor unions can negotiate wages and labor market policies mediated by the government.

We can conclude that Capitalist reforms should only be a short-term solution for attracting foreign investors and promoting trade activities. If Capitalism is applied as a long-term strategy it would constitute an ultra-rich class while keeping some classes below the poverty line. Even the developed economies may face horrors of capitalism by giving birth to an ultra-rich class resulting in economic imbalances. Moreover, socialism must be a strategy in the long-term in order to remove all the disparities specifically economic imbalances in a society; it will result in producing the highest form of society which would exterminate class distinction, giving humanity its real and divinely prescribed status. Ultimate peace and security of the world can only be ensured when all humanity is equal and socialism is the only hope and solution.






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China and Russia miltary ties

China and Russia military ties

Russia, a candidate for future superpower might flatter China

China and Russia are allied against the Europeans and Americans still they are regional competitors. Chinese progression might be able to neutralise US impact but could prove to be more drastic to Russia as well. Both countries have certain issues regarding influence over former Soviet states and in the Arctic region. Would Russia allow Chinese dominance forgetting its own global motives and aspirations?  Russia is itself a candidate for future superpower how could it allow someone else so easily.

The Sino-Soviet split in 1961 as a result of competition for controlling the worldwide communist movements brought tense relations between both. These tensions were lessened after the death of Mao Zedong in 1976. However, these relations dramatically improved after the disintegration of USSR in 1991. Russian President Boris Yeltsin had his first official visit to China in 1992. Since then both nations have been enjoying cordial relations in terms of defence, diplomacy and economy.

China has been a large importer of Russian military grade weapons since 1989 while it had to face certain trade restrictions by the European Union as a result of Tiananmen Square protests. Russia and China signed a five-year defence deal to promote and enhance their military capabilities in 1993. A year after they signed another agreement regarding the security of borders. This treaty was meant to control the air space violations and unintentional radar jamming. Both countries signed an agreement of good-Neighbourliness and Friendly cooperation in 2001.

In 1999 China made another agreement to purchase military aircrafts worth 1 billion jointly produced by Russia and Israel. This deal was signed by Ehud Barak, the then prime minister of Israel. Afterwards sale of Aircraft was blocked due to certain licensing issues in 2004. Currently, China is enhancing its military capabilities by manufacturing weapons domestically but still, it is largely dependent on Russia for jet engines and other weaponry. China is focusing on the production of submarines, warships and aircraft to build a competitive position in the Asia-Pacific region. Chinese are trying to become independent in their defence industry by outing a heavy investment in arms manufacturing. These initiatives are meant to secure strategic trade routes.

Apparently, Sino-Russia military relations are at zenith for the last few years but one needs a scalpel instead of a chain saw to infer the reality. China has always cautious in terms of Russian ambitions in the Arctic region. Chinese political and military leadership clearly announced their Arctic policy in 2018 that they would proactively interfere in Arctic affairs. Moreover, both nations have planned to hold joint military exercises named “Tsenter” this year. Strategic relations are in fact based on mutual interest rather sentiments. The meetings between the China-Russia leadership in the past five years have further fortified the military relations between both nations. Numerous bilateral agreements were signed by the two giants in the context of military and economic progress. The meetings between Chinese president Xi and Russian counterpart Putin held in 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2018 are considered to be detrimental to US interests.

Recently in 2018, both countries participated in Vostok war games held in Russia. About 300000 Russian troops including 36000 Chinese troops participated in it. Such exercises would enhance Chinese foreign experience by enabling their Generals to improve their strength outside their borders. These five-day drills are viewed as a symbolic display of weapons and command structure. Washington views these initiatives as a preparation for some futuristic goals which are certainly against the US interests. ‘’Vasili Kashin’’ an expert on Russia-China relations said that China wants to build an internationally capable fighting force. He viewed that China is following more assertive Russian behaviour flaunting its multi-billion dollars military modernization. These exercises will allow Chinese to minutely view how Russia plans for large scale conflicts and also how they manage logistical supplies.

On August 30, 2018, during a press conference, Chinese defence ministry spokesman Colonel Wu Qian displayed a map in showing 3200 Chinese troops, 900 pieces of weaponry and 30 fixed-wing aircrafts joining the drill which were being transported across the Russian border by rail, road and air. Russia and China have previously participated in many joint military programmes and exercises but this time Russia has invited Chinese to take part in Russia’s annual strategic exercise that provides training regarding the large-scale conflict.

Another analyst, Mr Clint Reach, who focuses on Russia and China military issues, said that these drills will provide an opportunity to Chinese for preparation of large-scale wars. He added that the focus is on the Pacific theatre for contingencies, in North Korea, for example. But the tested abilities could be applied in case of conflict with the West.

The Chinese troops participating in the joint exercises belong to PLA people’s Liberation Army Northern command which is responsible for North Korean contingencies. It is one of the regional commands which were established in 2016 after Xi the president of China announced reforms regarding the preparation of better Chinese military force which can handle external aggressions and treats. Training exercises last year brought Chinese and Russian air defence network together in which they distributed targets and destroyed them in real time.

Another factor behind the fortification of military ties between China and Russia is their fraying relations with the USA. Following U.S sanctions on Russia on occasion of Crimean war, Russia was pushed further from western political and economic cooperation, the Kremlin warned it would pivot east to boost ties with China. Relations of China with the USA also has the same fate in recent years due to Beijing’s efforts regarding territorial claims in Asia, including the construction of seven fortified islands in the disputed South China Sea.

Recently China and Russia made agreements of worth more than $100 billion. A group composed of Russian and Chinese business is ready to invest in 73 joint projects. These projects also include military-linked investments. Both countries are trying to counter the US sanctions—penalties. Beijing and Moscow have had a rocky relationship, but the two nations have publically sought closer ties in recent years.

Undoubtedly it can be said that the global imperatives brought China and Russia together otherwise there is a conflict of interest between the two countries on numerous strategic issues. Mr Jonathan Hillman, who is director of reconnecting Asia project at the centre for strategic and international studies in Washington DC, said that the Sino-Russia ties artificial in nature supported more by leader-on-high than organic developments on the ground. He added that after each ceremonial sittings and partnership promises, China still towers above Russia in economic and demographic terms. With a long history of invasions, Russia’s paranoia about foreign powers approaching its borders cannot disappear overnight. Mr Hillman also viewed that Russian policymakers must be persuaded to take China’s economic power as seriously as the West’s military power. China’s grand ambitions run through Russia and its neighbours, but its investments have not yet triggered alarms in Moscow. Russia is the gatekeeper for China’s overland push westward, but Xi now holds the keys in the form of investment and respect from the west, craves.










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